Happy B!tch: 365 Days of Quotes with Sassy Advice, Humor, Wisdom, Inspiration, Motivation, & Empowerment

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Happy B!tch: 365 Days of Quotes with Sassy Advice, Humor, Wisdom, Inspiration, Motivation, & Empowerment
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An all around fun, adult-only, 365 day book of quotes

On my honor I declare
That it’s not about being liked,
It’s about being respected
I will be kind and caring,
but will set boundaries
I will be gracious and polished,
without taking any bullshit
I will enjoy life and better myself,
Without feeling guilty
I will be assertive enough,
To get the things I want
I will be confident enough,
To not give 1 single f*ck,
About other people’s opinions,
on how I live my life.
Most importantly,
I will positively, passionately, and intentionally
always be a Happy B!tch!

This book is like a friend– the Happy B!tch, who’s full of sassy advice, wisdom, humor, inspiration, empowerment, and of course, knows how to be a real b!tch when necessary. The Happy B!tch may share with you things that she’s learned or funny things. She might make you laugh, cry, motivate you, or give you some insight to help you work through life’s lemons. She will share with you her tools for self-reflection and self-improvement, and of course, show you what she knows about being a happy b!tch.

Who is this book for?
This is for people who:
•Need motivation
•Enjoy gaining insight and wisdom
•Need some direction
•Want to make sense of things going on in their life
•Want more meaningful relationships
•Want to accomplish goals
•Could use a good laugh now and then
•Worry about what others may think of them
•Have a hard stand up for their beliefs
•Have a hard time saying no
•Want to be liked and accepted, yet are lacking the respect they need and deserve.
•Want to learn how to become a Happy B!tch!

This book isn’t just some random book of quotes that’s been slapped together just for the hell of it. It’s a specific and formulated set of ideas that are designed to help you re-frame your outlook and guide you into a happier and more confident you. Each quote has been hand-picked to help you reach this frame of mind as well as enhance your morale, resilience, and assertiveness, so that you can create a life of happiness, balance, success, and of course have a good laugh now and then, because why not?

Within this book, you’ll find 365 best inspirational quotes that are packed with tidbits of wisdom, jokes, life-lessons, ideas, empowering messages, witty sarcasm, and more! The objective is to inspire your consciousness in a way that will help you to think, learn, and grow, while giving you a daily dose of entertaining and insightful messages to help you improve and enrich your quality of life.

You can start this book on any given day of the year.

Here are the themes for every day of the week:

Smiley Sunday (Happy B!tch)
Meditative Monday (Legit B!tch)
Take Charge Tuesday (MightyB!tch)
Wisdom Wednesday (Witty B!tch)
Transformative Thursday (Driven B!tch)
Funny Friday (Comical B!tch)
Sassy Saturday (Boss B!tch)

Use this book of quotes as a way to entertain, equip, and inspire you each day of the week for 1 full year!

Keep an eye out for the paperback version and journal version of this coming soon!

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